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FACE School’s String Department supports 4 orchestra levels

Orchestra participation is an invaluable growth experience as it enhances self-awareness, self-confidence and self-satisfaction.

In addition to instrumental ensemble skills orchestra participation develops the following life skills:

  1. Teamwork – The orchestra coordinates individual abilities into one central effort.
  2. Discipline – The orchestra teaches responsibility
  3. Concentration – Concentration built in orchestra carries over to other areas and improves study habits.
  4. Personal achievement – Recognizing, meeting and overcoming a challenge may be the single most rewarding experience of orchestra participation.
  5. Appreciation – Orchestra participation encourages respect and appreciation for aesthetic values and the beauty of the music created.


Junior Orchestra – Elementary students (grades 4-6)

For beginner string players with little or no ensemble experience

  • Introduction to ensemble playing (following the conductor/ different part playing)


Intermediate Orchestra – Elementary students (grades 4-6)

For more advanced string players with some ensemble experience


Senior Orchestra High School (grades 7-11)

Full string orchestra offering advanced string ensemble training

>>Click here for more details about this orchestra


FACE Symphony Orchestra

National Gold medallist

Provides FACE’ s most advanced string players with the opportunity to further develop their ensemble skills through the study of original symphonic repertoire

Performance experience is enhanced through community partnerships, concerts, tours and festival participation

>>Click here to get more details about the FACE Symphony Orchestra enriched program.


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