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Programmes du départment des cordes
String department programs

Programme scolaire du département des cordes/String department curricular program

Elementary School (grades 4-6)

  1. Grade 4 – Initiation to bowed instruments
  2. Grade 5 – Sound production, introductory work, note reading
  3. Grade 6 – Introduction to positions, bowing technique, more advanced reading


High School (grades 7-11)

  1. Development of right/left hand techniques
  2. Development of musical styles
  3. More advanced techniques (positions, vibrate, bowing styles, double stops etc)
  4. Ear training and music theory


Additional competencies developed from grades 4-11 and evaluated throughout the year

Creation – to invent musical pieces

Appreciation – to examine and analyze musical works and make a critical and/or aesthetic judgment



Extra-curricular String Prep Program
(Suzuki methodology available to grades K-3)

Visit the site for the FACE Suzuki program here.



CordesFACEStrings on Youtube

Veuillez aussi visiter notre canal Youtube pour visionner nos présentations /
Please visit our Youtube channel to see some of our performances.